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Drupal Hosting

Discover the Power of Drupal Hosting

Drupal is currently one of the most widely used website creation and management tools on the market.  Though often described as a content management system, its flexibility and highly extensible framework makes it much more.

Unlike the average CMS, this particular system is designed more for customization and extending beyond its default functionality, which it does exceptionally well.  It offers a degree of user-friendliness that enables a non-technical individual to create a professional and powerful website right from the default installation.

On the other hand, Drupal has the reputation for a steeper learning curve than competing open-source systems, such as Joomla and PHP Nuke.  However, those who possess the knowledge or willingness to learn PHP coding can enjoy all the benefits a Drupal hosting solution has to offer. 

The Drupal Architecture

Drupal hosting can provide you with the ability to create a website composed of a several ready to go, customizable, functional and extensible modules.  The system's presentation layer is based on open standards and completely isolated from the associated logic and data layers.  This essentially means that you can create any type of layout or graphical design based on the extensive parameters of CSS and the template you have decided to use.  Such flexibility assures that you can take a popular theme and transform it into a template no one has ever seen before.

Drupal Modules

One of the greatest attributes of any Drupal hosting package is all the modules the framework supports.  These modules share a common presentation, navigation scheme and administration interface to ensure seamless integration with one another.  They can be easily interconnected and tightly integrated by utilizing the framework's standard API.

Drupal hosting is currently supported by well over 350 modules, and new ones are introduced quite frequently.  This approach is taken to make sure the Drupal CMS contains unrivaled degree of advanced features and functionality whenever you need to implement it.  It also ensures that the platform keeps pace with the evolving trends of content-rich sites and the web in general.

Drupal Hosting Features

A Drupal hosting plan assures you an arsenal of great futures that can be used to create and manage your website.  Some of the notables you may find the most useful include:

Collaboration Options - The Drupal software includes a unique collaborative books module that allows you to create an environment where both administrators and users can contribute content.
Customizable URLs - Drupal hosting gives you access to the Apache mod_rewrite feature, which allows for the easy creation of customizable URLs. This provides you with the ability to generate web pages that are both search engine and user friendly.
Enhanced Personalization - Drupal's highly customizable core makes for the ultimate in personalization. Therefore, your presentation and content can be individualized in accordance to user-defined preferences in order to better serve your audience.
Powerful Permissions System - Drupal has an extensive role-based permissions system that can be configured in a manner in which administrators do not have to establish permissions for each individual user. To bypass this tedious process, they can simply allocate permissions to roles and then assign users to those roles by placing them in specific groups.
Built-in Search Capabilities - Another great quality of Drupal is the search functionality built into the software. This means that all of your content can be indexed and searched at all times.

What You Should Know About Drupal Hosting

Users who possess general coding skills can excel with their projects thanks to Drupal's elegance and superb programming standards.  Its modular design and clean codebase make it ideal for those with a working knowledge of PHP, as it provides them with the flexibility needed to develop powerful web applications and add new functionality to the framework on an as-needed basis.  All of these benefits are made possible thanks to Drupal's nature as an open-source software application, as well as a license that makes the code freely available to the developer community.

While you don't necessarily have to be a seasoned developer to flourish with the software, performing manual configurations can be quite demanding, and in some instances, more time consuming than when utilizing other systems.  Therefore, you should carefully assess your needs to determine the level of functionality you require from a Drupal hosting solution.


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